1. New; recent: neonatal.
2. New and different: Neo-Freudian.
3. New and abnormal: neoplasm.


n 1: an edible tuber native to South America; a staple food of Ireland [syn: potato, white potato, Irish potato, murphy, tater]

I created this site to make a permanent home for my creations. Coupled with great prices for domains/hosting and a growing dissatisfaction with Geocities and other free hosts, I decided to compile everything under a central domain. When I build cannons, I try to do what has not been done before in the realm of potato-chucking. Introducing pneumatic cylinders and now a functioning belt-fed potato cannon are just my little contributions. My intent is not self-promotion. Rather, I hope that other people are influenced by my ideas and advance beyond them.
I anticipate seeing other people build cannons incorporating pneumatic cylinders.

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